1)   Upon discovering their website, it was clear that there was room for improvement. This was discussed with their management, and in August 2017, due to their non-profit and small business status, a comprehensive eighteen page website (valued at $1,735.00) was constructed for them free-of-charge.
2)   In November, they felt the website was too large, and choose to have a small more condensed five page website built.   This was done, again, (though valued at $600.00) free-of-charge.
The only fee was a relatively small monthly in-house credit (used only at their clinic) in exchange for the hosting and maintenance of the main site in the USA and a back-up in England.
3)   In December, an indiviual that had been away, asked that the site be rebuilt again (with weebly so that they could maintain their website).   It simply wasn't a good choice to rebuild the website free-of-charge for a third time.
4)   It was a pleasure working with For The Love Of Paws.   However, it's sad that the individual who built their current site made a choice to use the design that I had spent time modifying and images that I had acquired.