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For The Love of Paws was created to provide professional veterinary pet care at an affordable cost where necessary pet care may be otherwise cost prohibitive. An income based sliding scale will be used to determine fees. Not everyone will qualify for a discount, but everyone may use our services.

A spay & neuter program will be implemented that will provide very low cost spay and neuter services to all pets at a cost which will be determined by available funds in the program itself. The spay & neuter program also includes provisions for feral and stray cats.

Since knowing how to care for your pet is essential for your pet’s good health, an education program will be implemented to educate families, children and the general public on preventative health care and other general pet information. All services provided by For The Love of Paws is available to other non-profit organizations at discounted rates.

Lastly, For The Love of Paws offers free yearly exams for up to two pets and a minimum of 10% discount to all military and veteran clients regardless of income or discharge status.

Why We Are Needed
As founding members who have many years in the pet care industry, or have volunteered in other animal non-profit organizations, we see first-hand the sometimes the overwhelming number of people and their pets that have not been properly cared for, or the number of loved pets that would have to be euthanized because they could not afford the treatments. To visualize why we see this sad situation, the following 2013 Census data for Roseburg is provided:
    • General population 21,200
    • Median income $38,600 per year with average members in household being 2.17
    • 19.6% living at or below poverty level (two members in house hold $15,930 year or less)
    • 6.4% of Roseburg residents live at 50% below poverty level
    • We have a 9.9% unemployment rate
It is not expected to improve, so we simply just need to be there to ensure affordable pet care is available.

How You Can Help
There are many ways you can be part of our success. We are recruiting board members, setting up committees, preparing organizational documents, grant writing, getting the word out, looking for used clinical equipment and of course, soliciting financial donations wherever we can.
The financial donations consist of monetary gifts and grants.
We are a 501-c(3) non-profit which means your monetary and in kind donations are tax deductible.

Thank You for spending your time with us and letting us share with you how all of us can help each other and make a better place for all of us to live.

The For The Love Of Paws Team