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Periodontal Disease

Do you know that periodontal disease is the most common disease in pets?
In fact, 85% (4 out of 5) adult pets have it.
The good news is that prevention is simple and easy!

Pet Dental Health

Canine Periodontal Disease

Stage One


The gum at the top of the tooth or teeth are inflamed, and plaque covers the tooth or teeth.

Stage One

Regular home treatment can remove plaque before it becomes tartar and control this condition.

Talk to our veteranarian for more information.

Stage Two

Early Periodontitis

The gums around tooth or teeth are inflamed. Your pet's mouth is painful and bad breath is noticable.

Stage One

Professional treatment is needed to remove plaque that has hardened to tartar.

When combined with home treatment to remove plaque this condition is reversible.

Stage Three

Moderate Periodontitis

Tartar and infection have begun destroying the gums. The mouth is sore and bad breath is constant.

Stage One

Periodontitis has started and may be irreversible.

Advanced profession treatment is necessary
and your pet may need brushing after eating soft foods.

Stage Four

Advanced Periodontitis!

Infection is now destroying the gums, teeth and bone.

Advanced profession health care is reaching a critical level

Stage One

Bacteria may already be spreading throughout the body (via the bloodstream) which can damage the heart, liver and kidneys.

Photos are courtesy of Jan Bellows, DVM

Dental Services:

Dog Teeth Exam

dog dental care

Brushing your pet's teeth is not difficult & some dogs like it.
It also strengthens the bond between you and your pet.

DO NOT USE "HUMAN" TOOTHPASTE!It has sweetners that may be toxic for your pet.

Brushing your pet's teeth needs to be introduced slowly to prevent fear or rejection.

Cat Teeth Exam

cat dental care

Yup, cats should have their teeth brushed as well. Without teeth, your pet can't eat a proper diet

REMEMBER, DO NOT USE "HUMAN" TOOTHPASTE!It has sweetners that may be toxic for your pet.

Wet/Canned food may have the necessary nutrients, but it often costs twice as much compared to dry food.

Dog Anethesia

why are dogs put under for dental care

An awake and aware dog is not going to allow what is pictured above

Anesthesia is often used for dental cleaning.

Though not always necessary, it often is for your pet's benefit.

Every case is different and there are pros and cons to using anesthesia.

Dental Before & After