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Five Reasons That You Should Keep Your Dog On A Leash

excerpt from Dogster " 5-reasons to leash your dog"

Just because there's no leash law doesn't mean you should just let your dogs run wild. Here's five reasons why.

1. It keeps your dog safe

Depending on where you live, there are dangers all around you. There’s traffic; cars, motorcycles, even big trucks may zip by. If your dog is wandering through the neighborhood, it’s very likely that they could get hit.

2. It keeps other dogs safe

Even if your dog is “friendly,” not everyone else’s dog is. Your dog could easily cause a fight if he approached a reactive on-leash dog, or even a dog that is contained in his own yard.

3. People have a right to enjoy walks without your dog bothering them

Not everyone appreciates your dog chasing after [following] them as they walk, even if the dog is merely curious. Also, not everyone is physically equipped to handle an onslaught of puppy love. Older people, pregnant women, and people with physical ailments would love to enjoy their exercise without fearing an exuberant, jumping dog.

4. You could lose your dog

Your dog could run away, someone could steal your dog, or some well-meaning citizen could mistake your dog for being a lost or stray dog and pick her up.

5. It keeps the peace

Believe it or not, not everyone is a dog lover, and people don’t want to be bothered in their own yard by your dog. Most certainly do NOT appreciate it when loose dogs poop in their yard!