Pet clinic

No Table Scraps

Click image to get pdf.

Learn why table scraps are NOT good for your pet

No Peanut Butter

Xylitol is deadly!

Fresh ground peanut butter has Aflatoxins (causes cancer)

About Bones

Some bones are actually DANGEROUS,

Others provide nutrition

No Dog Parks

Do you know that Dog Parks

are NOT always a good idea?

Even more important is why.

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Important Articles:
Here is a list of potentially LIFE-SAVING articles that you should know about.

Animal information sites:

Here are some useful sites to assist you in a variety of ways. (All open in new window)

pet products:

Here are products that we recommend for the health, comfort, and care of your pet.

useful organizations & associations:

Here is where we will list other organizations that we "believe" in.

About Saying Good-bye:

With every beginning there is an end. Here are some ideas to help you during this difficult time.

  • Grief Management For Children
    Rainbow's Bridge offer articles according to age in efforts to help children with the loss of their pet.
    Learn more

    Helping Reach "The Rai nbow Bridge"
    - When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, many believe their pet crosses The Rai nbow Bridge.

    Beyond lay vast meadows, hills, and forests where our special friends can run and play.

    We have partnered with Pearson's Pet Chapel to assist you during this most difficult time.
    Learn more
financial assistance:
Our pets become ill or injured beyond our expectations and costly procedures or medications are necessary.

Click Here for a variety of options that can help you with your veterinary bill.