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Why Would I Ever Have To Muzzle My Dog?

by Cloud Walker

I have a Service Dog that has completed over 800 hours of training. The breed really doesn't matter.
What matters is that he has been trained for almost every anticipated situation possible.
From people trying to get his attention all the time with kissy noises;
Or a child at Disneyland running up behind him and yelling "BOO!!", which he ignored;
Or when another person stepped on his tail while he was laying down.

So why would I need to have him "muzzle trained"? Well, technically there really isn't a reason. Except ...

What if I was driving and someone crashes into my vehicle. Of course my dog is with me. Obviously the situation is confusing for everyone, especially my dog. The Fire Department arrives and starts to extracate us. If he jumps out of the vehicle (this is why he always has his leash on), I wouldn't want him biting anyone. I can't train my dog for getting into an accident. How do I ensure that my dog (in his confused state of mind, or if he is hurt, or even unconscious) doesn't bite? I need to put his muzzle on.
And that is why my dog is muzzle trained.

Now, if he hadn't had muzzle training, given the situation, can you imagine how difficult it would be to put a foreign object (the muzzle) over his mouth. Yeah, he might even bite me if I force it.
Can you imagine trying to move an injured dog without getting bitten? And how is your veteranarian going to examine him or her?

If you are interested in muzzle training your dog, you can find out more at PetExpertise "Training Your Dog to Wear a Muzzle" by clicking here.