Pet clinic



Without a microchip, tattoo, or scar, it's impossible to identify a pet.

Collars come off or are removed by someone that has taken your pet, but once anyone brings your pet in for care, they are scanned for a microchip.



Preventive medicine through vaccines is very important.

Every state has laws that requires rabies vaccinations.

While others, like Parvo are highly recommended.

Home Delivery

VetSource Veterinarian

It's simple! You place an order through our secure website, your pet’s prescription is confirmed, fully licensed pharmacists verify the order.

Your order is checked again, packaged, and shipped to arrive safely on your doorstep.


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Our services:

immunizations & welness care

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A X-Ray machine is a useful diagnostic device that can be used to investigate broken bones as well as other uses.

X-Rays can also be used to determine joint health in your pet, whether hips or elbows.

We are very gracious to Bhaven Enterprises who donated the 'generator' that is a key component for the device.

dental care

This is important because without teeth, your pet can't eat a proper diet.

You probably already know someone that has dentures (not an option for pets) and that without dentures, crunchy food is not an option.

Wet/Canned food may have the necessary nutrients, but consider that it is commonly almost double in cost when compared to dry food products.


Surgery is obscure, > it can be complex (repairing internal organs),
> or it can be simply sewing up a wound.

With this in mind, we do offer basic surgical services, although do keep in mind that due to the equipment on hand and limited staffing, performing a heart surgery is beyond the scope of our clinic.


We are pleased that we keep a variety of medications in stock and available for dispensing.

We sincerely wish that we could stock every necessary medication.
However, such a task is difficult at best. This is due to balancing the need of any particular medicine vs the shelf life of any particular medicine.



We use our laboratory to test for heartworm, and other parasites in a variety of mediums (saliva, mucus, blood, urine, etc.).

Additional information will be placed here as it becomes available.