Pet clinic

Difference between Emergency Care vs Urgent Care.

Emergency Care is medical treatment intended to prevent the loss of life or limb.   If your pet has become extremely ill or has suffered a very severe injury - click here for Emergency Care.

Urgent Care is medical treatment intended to prevent further complications
(an injury that cannot wait until the next available appointment) examples are listed below.

If your pet needs urgent care during normal business hours, please contact us right away and we will do our best to work you in between appointments.

Please 1-541-677-6070 BEFORE bringing in your pet!

Due to our limited resources, we always have medical staff present during normal business hours, although we do not always have a licensed veterinarian available.

1) Minor wounds & lacerations         2) Vomiting (including dry heaves)         3) Fever/High temperature
4) Vaccine reactions         5) Constipation         6) Inappropriate elimination (urination or diarrhea)
7) Toenail injuries         8) Limping or lameness         9) Lethargic (inactivity)         10) Pacing